Our company

What makes us special ?

We are a totally independent family business. The supply and cooperation agreements that we have in place with various banks and insurances companies are there to give us access to a wide range of products; they do not in any way limit our supply options. We remain therefore perfectly free to investigate, propose and implement novel solutions that have no other purpose than serving our clients’ best interests.

We are also a true local service provider focused on Lausanne and the broader Lake Geneva region, where we actively participate in a number of professional organisations, clubs and associations. Our extensive network of contacts provides our non-local clients with immediate access to highly regarded Lake Geneva-based experts in a wide range of fields.

Here are PATRIMGEST’s main areas of specialisation:

  • Pension funds
  • Life Insurance, financial planning and mortgage finance
  • Public Liability insurance for Company Directors and Officers
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Public and Major Events
  • Wealth and investments management

In addition, our clients have access to an exclusive network of proven professionals offering expertise that complements our own. This enables us to act as a one-stop shop for the provision of competent and unbiased advice on a wide range of issues.

  • Unbiased and Independent
  • Analyses risks and defines cover requirements as per client’s strategy
  • Acts on behalf of client to seek competitive offers from Insurance Companies and Bankers
  • Purchases best-fit solutions from Insurance Companies and Bankers
  • Offer and sell solutions according to established risk and exposure policies
  • Apply pricing schedules and policies

Our goal

To act effectively on behalf of our clients through relevant mandates and powers of attorneys, and maintain close, yet arms-length working partnerships with banks and insurance companies by means of regular contacts at senior levels.

Our vision

To be the instrument by which our clients achieve the best possible management of their wealth and insurance portfolios, in a climate of mutual trust and long-term relationships.

Our strategy

We combine our total independence, long experience and perfect knowledge of the insurance industry to establish, optimise, manage and administer our clients’ insurance portfolios to the best of their interests.

We use our expertise and financial discipline to offer our clients a tailored and highly competent management of their wealth and investments.

We nurture personal relationships and regular contacts with our clients, working with them as a team to maximise our effectiveness.